18. Juli 2018

Strong Connections for Even Better Quality

High-quality laminate flooring is inherently robust. But its strength doesn’t only come from the panels themselves. The joints between them also play a major role. Our snap-together “CLIC” system was already a significant accomplishment, yet now even it has been surpassed by the joints of the rooms collection, which grow thicker with the panels.
The principle is simple: the joints get thicker along with the laminate. This makes them not only stronger, but also even easier to install. The CLIC joints of the 8mm collections are already quite strong, and those of the 10mm versions correspondingly stronger … and so on!

11. April 2016

Innovative Insulation Products for Reducing Impact and Reflected Walking Sound

Installing underlay materials beneath laminate flooring delivers very clear benefits: they compensate for minor unevenness in the subfloor, the room’s acoustics improve, and neighbours downstairs hear less walking noise from above.

Now you have an even greater choice. Adding to our tried-and-tested acoustic insulating mats made of wood fibre, the range has gained four new PE/PU underlays:

Basic: Especially well-suited for quick installation on large floors and ideal for areas with light foot traffic.

Basic Plus: Integrating a PE membrane, this product eliminates the need for an additional vapour barrier on top of mineral substrates.

Premium Sound: Featuring a high-quality aluminium foil as a vapour barrier, which makes it ideal for use in floating floor systems.

Superior Sound: A thicker version of Premium Sound that insulates even more effectively.

For technical details, click here.

27. März 2015

Now Even More Choice: Oak Decors in Two Widths

The new 2015 rooms collection astonishes not only with out-of-the-ordinary, authentic-looking wood decors, but also with a choice of different panel widths. The suite collection includes five oak decors that evoke the impression of real oiled wood – and, thanks to a newly developed nature-identical surface texture, really feel like it too. In addition to the usual width of 193 mm, all five are now also available in panels 157 mm wide. This meets the wishes of all the customers who have been asking in retail outlets whether these five oak decors are also available in narrower formats. It also opens up a whole new world of aesthetic possibilities. Combining both widths gives rise to lively, unique effects. Old plank floors occasionally sport patterns in which rows of wider and narrower panels alternate, and the new width now makes it possible to emulate them. The expressive oak decors can also be used to create a rustic country villa atmosphere that lends special charm to more spacious rooms. They are also extremely effective as a counterpoint to austere interior decorating styles. Light colours like those of Limed Oak White or Limed Oak Beige are an excellent choice in smaller rooms, making them seem larger. The direction in which panels are laid also influences a room’s appearance. Installing them parallel to the longer walls stretches it. Laminate flooring laid crosswise, by contrast, has the opposite effect, making this an ideal choice for long, narrow rooms.

17. Februar 2015

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